Art Deco Wedding Trends Bringing Style To Your Big Day

A period of gold, glitz and glamour, the Art Deco era continues to make a statement in the wedding industry. Bold, yet playful, Art Deco wedding styles will no doubt create a show stopping event that will be one to remember.

With so much to love about the era, an Art Deco wedding style will allow you to play with some of the most beautiful colour palettes and decor that the era has to offer. 

An era renown for distinctive silhouettes and sharp geometry, Art Deco was bold yet playful, showcasing a great deal of velvet, sequins and feathers. These beautiful features continue to stand the test of time with brides loving to recreate this style for their big day.

Art Deco Wedding Style

Symbolising wealth and elegance, Art Deco was a French movement that originated in the 1920’s, which became major style in Western Europe and the United States. From distinctive silhouettes, glam and chic sophistication that Art Deco brings, this period continues to gain a great deal of attention that many couples love.

Besides all the stunning attire and decor, your Art Deco wedding style is not complete without making a grand entrance and exit. Choosing a luxe limousine with vintage class will help tie your beautiful wedding style together, taking your Art Deco wedding to the next level.

With the best professional chauffeurs, A Touch of Silver will provide a service that will make your day run smoothly and stress free. Along with their show stopping range of limousines and sedans oozing glitz and glam, A Touch of Silver’s beautiful fleet will no doubt compliment your Art Deco wedding style. 

However, your Art Deco wedding style is not complete without champagne! Your ride will include a bottle of  bubbly to get the party started and provide that lavish service and grand entrance that this era is renown for.

Clean, gorgeous and reliable, your limousine service will no doubt make you feel like a celebrity and add that touch of glamour and sophistication that was dominant in the roaring 20’s. Along with the timeless allure of the Art Deco era and choosing the right transport to suit the theme, A Touch of Silver’s fleet will not doubt stand out from the rest and help make cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Contact A Touch of Silver today to bring your theme to life. 


Art Deco Wedding Style