If you don’t think you have seen our famous silver limousine hire Melbourne before, then think again!

One of our famous silver limousine hire vehicles was a stunning backdrop on an iconic Melbourne-based television show – playing a support role to a world-class musician.

For those wondering about the famous silver limousine hire Melbourne in question, we are talking about our very own silver stretch limo that was part of a memorable Neighbours scene with violinist André Rieu.

André Rieu is a globally acclaimed Dutch violinist and conductor, known for creating the Johann Strauss Orchestra.  He has played a large role in bringing classical musical – in particular the Waltz – to the global stage.  His fan base is diverse, and he has collaborated with both popular and classical artists.

Famous Silver Limo Hire Melbourne

When this esteemed musician had a shining cameo on Neighbours in April 2009, we never thought we’d be reminiscing nearly a decade later!  Being the famous silver limousine hire Melbourne producers chose to feature in this episode is something we have found pride in ever since.

Neighbours has become the benchmark for Australian television dramas, with more than 30 years of episodes under Channel 10’s belt.  Over the years, there have been countless amazing guests, from sports stars to musicians, with many of them creating wonderful television moments.

There is none greater than the unforgettable scene starring André Rieu, where he accompanied Paul Robinson to help him make amends with Rebecca.  The two men arrived in Ramsay Street in famous silver limousine hire Melbourne by A Touch of Silver, and Rieu himself looks like royalty as he emerges from the impressive silver Chrysler stretch limo.

As André Rieu played a piece on his violin, Paul and Rebecca waltzed, and were joined by other neighbours.

If you have seen this episode before, you are sure to remember it!

For over a decade, A Touch of Silver has been providing professional and caring limousine hire services for people all over Melbourne.  Our Chrysler stretch limos have always been a popular choice for couples and partygoers, and our dedicated chauffeurs are always ready to make every trip special.

A family-owned and operated business, the team at A Touch of Silver is proud of every limo service it provides, just as much as it is of the famous silver limousine hire Melbourne it provided for Andre Rieu and his Neighbours many years ago.

For more information about our silver limousine hire services, contact A Touch of Silver today.  You can feel like a star too!