Everyone loves a Garden Wedding Style event. It’s a theme that will never go out of fashion and can work in every season.

There’s something about the outdoors, amongst natural beauty, that captures the imagination. It’s the sense of organic space that makes Garden Wedding Style the perfect choice when the weather is kind.

A Touch of Silver - Garden Wedding Style

Spring is, hands down, the perfect time of year for Garden Wedding Style. There’s a freshness in the air and a life in the outdoors that boosts the party mood. While the days are warmer, there might still be a chill in the evening air. Consider providing elegant, open tents for a little coziness. Infuse some style and glamour into the occasion by arriving in a silver limousine and matching sedans. There might be tents, but if you glide up the driveway in a lux limo you’ll know it’s certainly not camping!

If your entire event is to be held outdoors, great lighting is imperative. Fairy lights, spot lights and rustic chandeliers strung from the boughs of a tree create the prettiest, most elegant setting for a celebration. Guests will love the provincial, picnic style affair. This works best through summer when the evenings are long and luxurious.

For comfort and elegance, bring the inside out. Arrange sofas, ottomans and rugs for relaxing and entertaining. This also makes for great pictures. Get creative with the décor for other fun and unique photographs. Giant swings, lawn games and incredible feature trees are just some ideas for beautiful images. Holding a wedding in Autumn allows you to draw on natures spectacular foliage to add interest and colour to your photos.

Another wonderful advantage of a garden wedding is that guests will have a superb view of the wedding party arriving. As well as being incredibly comfortable and convenient, silver limousines and sedans for the wedding transport also create a sense of occasion as you appear.

Whether it’s a family affair or a small, intimate gathering of friends – a Garden Wedding Style celebration brings a breath of fresh air. Talk to A Touch of Silver Limousine Hire about making your garden arrival in luxury vogue.