Limousine Hire FAQ

Limousine hire is an experience like no other, and it is important to get all the information needed before choosing a limousine for your special occasion. Our Limousine Hire FAQ will help you answer those questions that are commonly asked by clients. This will allow you to have an indication of what is involved and how A Touch of Silver Limousine hire can help you.

A Touch of Silver - Limousine Hire FAQ

What is included in limousine hire packages?

We pride ourselves in providing a professional chauffeured service that will give you a stress free experience taking you from A to B. Along with a gold class customer service, you will receive complimentary chilled water and champagne* for special events and a great stereo system to play all your favourite tunes. Our limousines will also provide comfort and cleanliness making it a ride to remember. Passengers will receive the five star experience every time.

*Champagne is only provided for weddings or groups over 18 years of age.


How many people do your cars and limousines hold?

Depending on the style of car or limousine you choose, they can hold anywhere from 4 to 11 people. Take a look at Our Fleet page to see how many passengers our vehicles can comfortably seat. If you decide to choose a larger limousine, not all seats need to be filled. This service can be used for a couple on their wedding day or a large group to be taken to their event.


Why limousine hire?

Along with being a gorgeous mode of transport, limousine hire provide quality service and a five star experience. Choosing a limousine is a fun way to get to to your event, along with being reliable and stress free. Providing a chauffeured service, vehicle hire from A Touch of Silver is a convenient mode of transport where you do not have to worry who will be the designated driver. You can all have a good time and focus on having fun.


What should you consider when choosing your vehicle?

It is important to consider how many people you have as certain vehicles can only hold small groups of four whereas others can hold up to eleven passengers.

With many styles of limousines available to hire, it is important to consider what style you are looking for. If you are hiring a limousine for a wedding, you may want to consider co-ordinating your transport with our selection of limousines and luxury vehicles.


How much does a limousine cost?

Cost depends on the location and duration of the limousine service. We are very competitive and we will do our best to price match other companies. However, we pride ourselves in the best quality, hence our prices reflect this. To find out more about costing, please contact us for a quote.


A Touch of Silver Limousines Hire can answer all of your limousine needs along with providing the best vehicle for your transportation. Contact one of our friendly staff to book your limousine and we will ensure the best service from start to finish.