When you want to do something unique but extra special for your plus one, Valentine’s Day limo hire hits just the right note.

Valentine’s day can be a little daunting and you want to make a great first impression. The secret is to be confident and cool, and with Valentine’s Day limo hire it’s easy to be just that.

Perfect polish, elegant silhouettes and luxurious interiors make these cars the epitome of style. Whether you want the experience to be smooth and romantic or a fun, festive atmosphere, Valentine’s Day limo hire will create the perfect mood for your date.

With lush leather upholstery, champagne bar, state of the art sound system and mood lighting, you will both love the ride. Although it shouldn’t be the best part of the date, it certainly sets the tone to make it one to remember.

Valentine's Day Limo Hire

An easy, luxurious and fun way to get to and from your Valentine’s Day arrangements, whatever the time of day. Anything from breakfast to dessert, you won’t have to worry about traffic, parking or how many drinks you have. For extra impact make the whole experience a surprise. The look on your date’s face will be priceless and they will love the gesture.

For something really different, arrange a limo and then just plan your date as you go. A fun, impulsive move like this creates excitement and is nothing like the usual dinner dates. Limousine hire is perfect for making a statement and is a must if you have something extra special planned such as a proposal or an announcement.

Don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy the luxury and style of a limousine while showing your valentine how special they are. Organise Valentine’s Day limo hire with A Touch of Silver, and you will be guaranteed a second date.

Valentine's Day