Make Leap Year Wedding Proposals part of your love story

Everyone loves a good engagement story. Mark yours with something a little different by considering Leap Year Wedding Proposals.

There are some fabulous superstitions and traditions around the origins of Leap Year Wedding Proposals that just might convince you to try it out for yourself.

Although attitudes have certainly changed and it’s now perfectly acceptable and common for women to pop the question, in times past it wasn’t that simple. In fact, it used to be so unacceptable for women to propose that one legend suggests that in Ireland, St Brigid complained to St Patrick that it was unfair that women were having to wait for men to propose. As a result, St Patrick decreed that women could make Leap Year Wedding Proposals every four years.

Another popular belief is that the Scottish Queen Margaret enacted a law in 1288 allowing women to propose to their love interest on a leap year day. While this might seem progressive for the times, some see it as a reflection of the inequalities faced by women.

Make Leap Year Wedding Proposals part of your love story

A more enduring superstition stemming from these historical legends is that if a woman decides to propose, she should do so only on February 29. This date is still considered to be lucky in modern times. Going back a few hundred years, it was such a lucky date that a man should not refuse a proposal made on this day. In the event that he simply won’t agree to marry, Irish tradition holds that he should buy the woman a silk gown. Not a terrible outcome when you think about it.

If you love the idea of embracing the historical significance of Leap Year Wedding Proposals, then start planning now. While the back story is interesting, bring a flair of modern romanticism to the occasion by arranging a luxurious limousine and travelling to a meaningful location to ask the question.

A Touch of Silver would love to help and have just the right luxury limo to make it happen. And remember, if you miss this year’s February 29, you’ll have to wait an entire 4 years to ask your beloved to wed… or for your new silk gown.