Let’s rewind. Are limos only for weddings and debutante balls? Answer: Of course not. But what other silver limo services are on offer?

I’m so pleased you asked. It’s funny how convention can dictate the way we do stuff. The fact is, we provide other silver limo services, it’s not just for the usual events! And sometimes it’s not actually about the event.

We’ve spent a lot time talking to our clients, and we’ve found out that oftentimes it comes down to a couple of simple reasons.

The reason most people use our silver limo service is convenience and reliability. As it turns out, you simply can’t put a price on them. Other modes of transport just aren’t always as reliable, whether we’re talking taxis, rideshare or public transport.

When you need to be at a venue at a specific time, you can’t afford to take a chance. Why? All manner of things can go wrong when you leave things to chance.

Other Silver Limo Services

Ever had your taxi cancel on you when you need to get to the airport for a flight? Or you’ve got tickets to the hottest show in town, and suddenly the price goes up. So, you find yourself waiting for a replacement taxi, or a train.  The concert is minutes away from starting, and as luck would have it, they are taking their time to arrive.

For the brave at heart, public transport is one option. Count yourself lucky if that train, bus or ferry turns up on time, and you don’t have to run to catch it, or walk too far from drop off to venue as the wind whips your hair into a bird’s nest.

As our clients will testify, it’s easier to remove the stress and confusion from the outset. We may be in the transportation industry, but we specialise in peace of mind. When you need to get to the airport on time; when you need to be at that corporate conference; when you’ve been invited to a red-carpet event, your first and last thought should be about our silver limo service.

No matter the occasion, we’ll get you there on time, and in style, so contact A Touch of Silver for a seamless, luxurious, stress-free journey.