Rustic Wedding Style – So Much To Love

It’s a trend couples are loving, and it’s here to stay. Rustic Wedding Style is a natural and simplistic way to make your wedding gorgeous.

With so much flexibility in this design, you can be guided by your imagination. Natural fibres, inviting textures and interesting everyday items can all find a place in Rustic Wedding Style.

Perhaps what we at A Touch of Silver love most about Rustic Wedding Style, is the eco-friendly nature of this type of décor. Recycled objects, natural materials and raw wood feature heavily and don’t need to be new or perfectly matched. Combined with more elegant or extravagant items you can create a stunning, yet grounded overall feel to your occasion.

Rustic Wedding Style

Handmade signs, wild flowers and vintage furniture make it so easy to put your own personality and vibe into your wedding decoration. It means each wedding looks and feels different so that yours is all about you both.

We’re finding that a very popular vehicle choice for this style of wedding is a silver limousine and matching silver sedans. Understated, yet elegant these vehicles blend seamlessly with the rustic style décor but provide that essential point of elegance you need to make your day feel extra special.

Venues such as wineries, parks and boutique style chapels offer that perfect juxtaposition of rustic and elegant. Chauffeur driven limousine hire makes it easy to travel to the venue or move between locations for each sequence of event or for photograph arrangements. Especially important since natural and outdoor settings are essential to getting the best rustic photos. A private driven limo makes it a breeze to find the best places to get the ultimate pictures.

There’s so much to love about Rustic Wedding Style and we’re elated it’s making a mark in the wedding industry. Lucky for you, A Touch of Silver Limousines have just the vehicles you need to complete the look.