Sheldon Reception Limo Hire – Suzanna & Mani

Choosing one of the most luxurious wedding venues in Melbourne, Suzanna and Mani matched the location with Sheldon Reception Limo Hire.

While many wedding styles come and go, Mani and Suzanna’s big day was an elegant, timeless occasion. They arrived at their late spring wedding in silver Sheldon Reception Limo Hire, with just the right amount of glimmer.

What an entrance it was!  As guests waited excitedly in the foyer and reception room, A Touch of Silver limo hire cruised into the driveway of Sheldon Reception Centre with the newlyweds, making a high-impact entrance.

Of course, our silver Chrysler limousines were just the support act.  On that love-filled November day, Suzanna looked beautiful as she stepped from the vehicle, her dazzling smile mirroring Mani’s ecstatic grin.  The glamorous room that awaited them was a perfect complement to their own wedding style.

Sheldon Reception Limo Hire

It is Sheldon Reception’s air of Hollywood sophistication that has made it such an in-demand wedding location. The right combination of glitz and classic design, it is located in Sunshine West, a suburb in Melbourne’s inner west. It has some wonderfully practical aspects, including access to transport and three different rooms that can cater to guest numbers from 70 to 650. These, however, are just the beginning of a long list of features.

If you – like Suzanna and Mani – decide this is the venue for you, the preparations for your special day will begin with your own team of professional and experienced wedding coordinators. Their job is to have a clear picture of your dream wedding and do everything within their power to make sure it comes true.

A highlight of the Sheldon Reception experience is the exceptional service. This includes their mouth-watering fare and the impressive beverages on offer, as well as their ability to liaise with wedding service providers to create a seamless event.

The team at A Touch of Silver loves working with the Sheldon Reception crew. It is a relationship that continues to strengthen every time our professional chauffeurs drive up to the entrance and roll out the red carpet.

Follow Suzanna and Mani’s lead. Choose A Touch of Silver for your Sheldon Reception limo hire and get the magnificent arrival you deserve.