Sightseeing Limo Tours have to be one of the most enjoyable ways to explore a city.

Not only are Sightseeing Limo Tours, a fun and luxurious way to travel, hiring a limo, (despite what you might expect), also happens to be affordable. Grab your posse, split the cost, and you’ve got a limo and a professional driver to call your own.

Whether you’ve got friends from overseas or you feel like playing tourist in your own city, explore the vibrant, cultural metropolis that is Melbourne in a sleek, gorgeous, sophisticated limo. It’ll have onlookers wondering – sightseeing limo tour or celebrity?

A Touch of Silver - Sightseeing Limo Tours

Arrive at the iconic Queen Victoria markets, and experience the hustle and bustle of over 600 small businesses. Delight in the array of fresh food stalls serving cuisine from every corner of the globe. Or hunt down those perfect one off gifts and souvenirs at Queen Vic markets.


Aside from the comfort and convenience, one of the best things about a sightseeing limo tour is having somewhere to leave your stuff. Forget hauling shopping bags around, wasting time flagging down taxis, or trying to squeeze into an Uber. When you’re ready to move on, fall into your limo, stretch out and enjoy a glass of champagne as you cruise to the next stop.


Melbourne’s iconic Federation Square is a must see on any sightseeing limo tour. This is public space as it should be, cutting edge in design and inspirational at heart. At Fed Square you can eat, drink and shop, or simply marvel at Melbourne’s version of a modern piazza. Check the Fed Square website to see what’s happening before organising your sightseeing limo tour.


After the man made genius of Federation Square, it’ll be time to stop and smell the roses in the Royal Botanic Gardens. This stop is about taking time out to understand and appreciate the role plants play in our sustaining life on Planet Earth. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly, as you stroll through the remarkable gardens that constitute the Royal Botanic Gardens.


It may not be your last stop, but Brunswick street with its distinctive Boho feel, is the ideal place to call grab a coffee or a wine, and soak up the atmosphere. It also boasts some swanky restaurants and wine bars, so don’t be surprised if you and the gang are still sitting there well after sunset.


For an unforgettable day seeing the sights and sounds of Melbourne, contact A Touch of Silver Limousines, we’ll show you around!