Picture a limo. What colour is it? Why not try spicing things up for your special occasion and get yourself silver limo hire Melbourne!

Silver limos, simply put, look amazing. They radiate style and class with a strong modern edge. The rarity of silver limo hire Melbourne makes their appearance even more exceptional.

While the interior remains the same, it’s the outside that gives the most powerful first impression, and silver limo hire Melbourne gives a  first impression that will be jaw-dropping!

Here are some events that would fit perfectly with a silver limo! 

Silver Limo Hire Melbourne

Mainly thanks to film and television, limos have become a stereotype of formals. However, that shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying all the fabulous thrills that a limo has to offer, especially on such a once-in-a-lifetime event like a formal! With a silver limo, you can stand apart from the all the overdone limos in the entertainment world and be a bright shining gem amongst a sea of black and white!

Business Meetings

Silver is a colour representing maturity and experience.  Silver is also an industrial, sleek, high-tech and modern colour! These incredible qualities demonstrate silver as the ultimate choice for a limo to represent your company and inspire awe and astonishment.  


Limos at weddings provide a great way to get around, and the fully chauffeured service means that you won’t have to worry about getting lost! Friends, family and anyone else can join the fun, or you can take the space for you and your partner and enjoy the luxury and class together. Likewise, due to its elegance and inspiration of riches and abundance, silver limo hire Melbourne makes for a classy wedding colour scheme. That’s why combining the two and having a silver limo appear at your wedding will heighten the magic and brilliance and truly make it a wedding to remember. 


As you can see, there is a reason why silver limos are the hottest new limo trend! Book yours today with A Touch of Silver!