Things You Didn’t Know About Your Favourite Traditional Wedding Styles

Wedding trends will always come and go, although there’s some Traditional Wedding Styles that are so embedded they might never go out of fashion.

Here’s an interesting look at the most loved Traditional Wedding Styles and the sometimes surprising way they came about. Which one’s will you choose for your wedding day?

For any type of wedding, there’s something magical about the moment the couple first lay eyes on each other. Even couples opting for the least of Traditional Wedding Styles need an entrance, and walking down the aisle remains the winner. Based on the concept of marriage being a transactional arrangement, the bride was traditionally walked down the aisle to be given away. Other popular opinion is that the father’s brooding presence next to his daughter ensures the groom doesn’t perform a last-minute runner. These days, walking down the aisle is a way to honour the relationship with the bride’s father and is also a lovely moment in time that marks the start of the couple’s commitment.

Traditional Wedding Styles

Bouquet tossing is a celebrated and sometimes silly occasion. Its origins are less so. The tradition was born in England at a time when it was considered unfortunate to remain a spinster. Unattached, female guests would try to tear off pieces of the bride’s gown, hoping to take some of her good luck for themselves. In order to escape these unruly guests, the bride would toss her bouquet and run. Thankfully these days most brides manage to throw the bouquet with clothing intact and it’s a fun, anticipated event during the day.

Even getting to the wedding has rituals attached. Traditionally a horse and carriage would deliver the bride as this was considered the finest form of transport prior to motor vehicles. Elegant, stylish transport is, even now, just as important and luxury limousines are a favoured and extremely versatile choice. Generally, the father of the bride will travel with the bridal party and exit the vehicle before the bride. For ease and a grace, the bride should be seated on the side she is planned to exit from.

Given the mix of cultures and changes in people’s perceptions, it’s now completely acceptable to pick and choose to include the Traditional Wedding Styles you love, and lose the ones you don’t. There are some however, that just will never go out of favour and that’s a stylish, luxury means of wedding transport which is exactly what A Touch of Silver can help you with.

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