Wedding Car Traditions From Around The World

All over the world, different cultures have their own quirks when it comes to weddings. Let’s talk wedding car traditions from around the world.

In all corners of the globe, people are getting married – and all of them will display some sort of quirky feature as part of the ceremony. Have you ever wondered about the origins of wedding car traditions around the world?

Why do the bride and groom travel separately?

Wedding Car Traditions From Around The World

It is tradition in most cultures for the bride to be driven to the ceremony in one vehicle by herself or with her father. Her father is the one giving her hand to the groom, so it makes sense. The groom and groomsmen have to arrive at the venue earlier, so it’s only natural that they travel together. The bridal party will travel in another vehicle. There may be different wedding car traditions around the world, but it’s common in many cultures to hire a limo or other chauffeured car. You’ll find ours clean, reliable and gorgeous enough to feature in your photos if you please!

Ribbons on cars?

White ribbons draped over the wedding cars date back to the middle ages. White symbolizes purity. The ribbons are also an indication that a couple are getting married and all bridal cars with the ribbons should travel together. Our experienced drivers not only know the entire city and surroundings. They arrive on time and even place ribbons or any decoration you desire on the limo for you!

Tin cans at the back of the car

Decades ago, it was believed that tying shoes to the back of a car signalized a man giving away his daughter. Somehow, over the years, the practice evolved into tying tin cans to the wedding car. The noisy cans are supposed to protect the marriage by warding off evil spirits.

So there you have it – wedding traditions are much the same for most. Much like hiring a limo for the bride, groom and wedding party. Contact A Touch of Silver to make arrangements for your big day.