If you’re getting married soon, you need a wedding limo hire checklist.

Limos bring sophistication, quality and luxury to any event, and thus are the natural pairing for a wedding. A fully chauffeured limo service is not a decision to take lightly, so a wedding limo hire checklist is a must. 

First on the wedding limo hire checklist – you, your partner and party need to ensure that you will be safely driven by a professional chauffeur.  This way you can relax while enjoying all the thrills and excitement unique to this fantastic experience.

However, like most aspects of wedding planning, selecting a limo can be tricky! To ensure maximum satisfaction and no disappointment on your wedding day there are three things you should consider before deciding on your limo!

Wedding Limo Hire Checklist
Wedding Limo Hire Size!

Limos come in a range of sizes, and not all of them are stretch! Clearly express how many people you wish to accommodate and select a limo based upon this number. To ensure that no one close to you feels left out or disappointed, clearly plan and announce who will be riding in the limo long before the wedding. If you don’t want any arguments over who gets to ride along, then you can select a strict theme for the limo, such as childhood friends or family only. Or, simply have the limo for just you and your partner!

Wedding Limo Hire Features!

Most of us have a very specific image of a limo, and not all of them match! That’s why it is important to write down your desired features and express them clearly. This will again prevent disappointment on the big day when your limo doesn’t have the mini bar you assumed it would have, for example. If you don’t want flashy thrills and add-ons, again, make it known, as many limo extras can cost money!

Wedding Limo Hire Style!

Again, when talking about a limo’s style, everyone has their own expectations. However, limos are just as varied as regular cars. Viewing and settling on a model that suits you and your wedding is extremely important. For example, a green stretch Hummer at a traditional wedding might not be appropriate. Or maybe it is! It all depends on you! So, make sure you browse through the catalogue carefully, do your research and ask to view the car in-person to see if it lives up to its online reputation!

There you have it! Three things to check off before settling on your wedding limo. We hope that this info will help you in selecting the best limo for your special day and will add a magical touch that will make your wedding all the more incredible!

A Touch of Silver ticks all of these boxes – contact us today for more information.